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Gold has a many unique properties that make it the perfect metal for many industrial uses. Some notable properties of gold are: resistance to corrosion, electrical conductivity, ductility (the extent it can be deformed plastically without fracture), malleability (how well it can be flattened into thin sheets without cracking), infrared reflectivity, and thermal conductivity. For these reasons, gold is used in many electronic products such as computers, high end technical equipment, spacecraft, and satellites.

Gold Properties
Atomic weight 196.97
Atomic number 79
Number of naturally occuring isotopes 1
Melting point °C 1064
Crystal structure FCC
Density gcm-3 19.3
Thermal conductivity W m-1 K-1 310
Electrical resistivity micro-ohm m at 20°C 0.022
Youngs modulus E GPa 79
Hardness Hv 25
Tensile stress MPa 124
0.2% proof stress MPa 30
Poisson’s ratio 0.42

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